Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions shall apply to the bookings and the provided services requested by the User through the present website.

Upon booking, you confirm that you have read and fully understood these Terms and Conditions and that you agree to fulfil all the obligations under these Terms and Conditions.



Costumer” means the person in whose name the booking is made, and it is responsible for the payment.

Company” refers to the Commercial Company Iguana Tours Lda registered under the legal person number identification 514046260, certified by Turismo de Portugal under the registration RNAVT 7878, TUKANO TRIPS’ trademark holder (hereinafter referred to as TUKANO TRIPS), a trademark registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office under the ID number 018463605, with mailing address at Praceta da Cegonheira, nº 107 sala 1 - 4470-528 Maia - Portugal;

Driver” means the person responsible for the car driving during the transfer service.

The Driver can be a “partner”, employee or service provider of the “partner”.

Passengers” means all the passengers whose name appears or not on the Booking. They may be or not may be the “user”.

Partner” means the collective or individual person which provide drivers and vehicles to carry out the services requested through the Platform.

Platform” means the website www.tukanotrips.com, through which the request and the booking of transfer services are done.

Booking” means the act of requesting a transfer service through the Platform, by entering the mandatory data or any other information related to the requested service that the Costumer considers important.

Transfer Service” means the car transport service with a driver between two geographical points.

Booking Holder” means the passenger whose name appears first in the booking. They may be or not may be the “costumer”.

User” means any person which uses the website www.tukanotrips.com.

By accessing and using the www.tukanotrips.com Platform, the User agrees to and undertakes to comply with the Privacy Policy.

The present Terms and Conditions regulate the contractual relationship established with the User which contracts services through the Platform, therefore it is only possible to order the service after the express acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. To this end, the User must carefully read the Terms and Conditions and expressly agree with them when totally clear. 

The arising contractual relationship from the acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions becomes legally binding after the reception by Tukano Trips of a proof of payment of the requested service, and when Tukano Trips confirms the availability to carry out the service.

The confirmation of the service is sent by email with the relative Voucher attached, according to the contractual ritual described in the present Terms and Conditions.



1. These Terms and Conditions are intended to define and give all the necessary information to the User on how to book and pay the service requested from the website www.tukanotrips.com, and about the service provision.

2. These Conditions regulate all the steps required for booking and purchasing the service, and ensure to the User the provision of the service. 



1. It is only possible to request a reservation after login on the platform, by User’s registration, filling all the necessary fields and setting a password.

2. The User declares under oath of honor that is of legal age and mentally competent.

3. The User is conscious of the responsibilities and legal obligations related to the acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions.

4. The User is responsible for confirming that data presented in the reservation request is correct.

5. If any data is incorrect, the User assumes the responsibility to immediately report the error to Tukano Trips. However, depending on how much time is left before the start of service, it may not be possible to comply with the change in the order, as provided for under the corresponding clause.



1. The user makes a booking by concluding the process of booking on the website, joining the relevant information to the requested service, when completing the fields with the requested data. 

2. Before the information and payment instructions, the User should confirm all the entered data.

3.  At the moment of booking confirmation, the User fully accepts the prices and the description of the services, and these Terms and Conditions applicable to the contract.

4. The reservation request is considered valid only after Tukano Trips has received the payment.

5. When booking is concluded, the User receives by email a Voucher as booking proof, containing all the detailed information about the requested service.

6.  At the moment of booking, the User has the responsibility to provide the complete pick-up and destination addresses.

7. For reasons of force majeure, Tukano Trips reserves the right to change the car and the driver initially designated. Tukano Trips will inform the User about those changes through available means (email, phone call, or SMS).

8. In case of lack of availability of services providers, Tukano Trips commits to inform the User by email and to refund any paid amount as soon as possible, or within a maximum of 72 hours before the start of service if the reservation request has been made at least 5 (five) business days in advance.



1. The User can request a change to the reservation within a maximum of 36 hours before the start of the transfer service. However, those changes are always depending on the availability and are subjected to approval. A change like that may imply an increase to the initial purchase price.

2. Any alteration of the reservation is considered valid only after the payment of the additional cost that may be applied and after the written communication by Tukano Trips confirming that change.



1. Booked services are provided by Tukano Trips Partners.

2. When making a booking, the Users authorize the sharing of their name and phone number with the Tukano Trips Partner and the Driver assigned to perform the service.

3. After booking confirmation, Tukano Trips informs the Costumer about the Partner’s and/or Driver’s name and phone number.

4. In case the information that User has entered at the moment of booking is incorrect or incomplete, the User should contact the Driver as soon as possible in order to inform about the correct pick-up location (ex. Airport, next to the arrivals), promoting all the necessary contacts for a quick collection and identification and the easy access to the collection site.

5. The user is aware that by virtue of road conditions, traffic rules, road works, or other factors not attributable to the driver, it may not be possible to collect the user from the exact intended location. In this case, the driver will ask the user to go to the nearest collection point as possible.

6. Tukano Trips will not be liable for delays due to force majeure or due to circumstances beyond its control such as in particular but, without limitation, road accidents suffered by third parties on transfer routes, police actions, acts of terrorism or vandalism, extreme weather conditions, unusual levels of traffic, delayed flights, and delays in the airports.

7. The route of the trip cannot be changed by the passengers.

8. If the main route is closed due to factors not attributable to the Driver such as in particular, but without limitation, weather conditions, road accidents, road works, etc., the Driver may use an alternative route, even if longer, to reach the agreed destination. A change like that may imply an increase to the initial purchase price.

9. If the vehicle and its driver do not show up to carry out the service, the User must make a phone call to Tukano Trips immediately (+351 221 450 755) – in this case, depending on the incident, the Compensation for Cancellation, Delays and No Shows clause may be applied.



1. The following payment methods are available: Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard); ATM reference and MB Way, via Easypay – Payment Institution, Lda.

2. When paying by credit card, the charge is debited from the User’s card immediately after confirmation of the availability of the service provision.

3. In case it is not possible to provide any of the booked services, the corresponding amount is credited directly to User’s card or credited to the indicated bank account by bank transfer.

4. An Invoice-receipt is issued after the payment. The data contained in the Invoice is the responsibility of the user and cannot be changed after it has been issued.

5.  The Invoice-receipt can be accessed in the reserved area, or it is sent to user’s email address.

6. If it has been used a credit or debit card to make the payment, the user declares that is the card owner or that is duly authorized by its holder to use it.



1.  The prices shall be read in Euro, already including taxes and fees, and taking into account the current VAT rate at the date of payment.

2.  If the service cannot be provided under the normal conditions expected at the moment of booking, there may be an increase to the initial value that will be immediately communicated to the user by the swiftest possible means.

3. For purposes of the previous number, the impossibility to provide the service under normal conditions shall mean, in particular, but without limitation:

a. the need for the change of the route of the transfer service caused by a force majeure event which makes impossible for the Driver to use the expected routes and which implies to take a journey that takes 20% longer than expected;

b.  a 20% increase in the price of gas when compared to the price at the moment of the booking.



1. The Costumer is not entitled to any reimbursement if:

a.  cancels the booking within 48 hours before the scheduled time of departure;

b. the passengers do not attend for 15 minutes from the scheduled time of departure;

c. there is a delay within 60 minutes before the scheduled time of departure when the pick-up point is at the Airport. In that case, the Driver can wait 1 hour with no compensation.



1. Each Passenger can have a piece of luggage with the maximum total size (length + width + height) under 158 cm, and a small handbag/backpack, unless additional items specified during the booking process.

2. Any extra piece of luggage should be added at the moment of booking in order to be sure that the vehicle chosen to carry out the service has the required conditions to fit all the pieces of luggage.

3. The Passenger is responsible for all the additional costs for transporting the excess baggage. In case the service cannot be provided due to the excess baggage, the Costumer is not entitled to any reimbursement.

4. Baggage and other belongings transportation is performed at risk and danger of the Customers and under any circumstances will Tukano Trips be liable for any loss or damage.



1. The Driver has the right to refuse the transportation of any Passenger under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or of any Passenger whose behavior puts the Driver or another Passenger in danger.

2. Transportation of weapons, flammable and explosives materials, drugs, and other materials that may pose a risk to people and goods is forbidden.

3. Transportation of alcoholic beverages or drugs to be consumed during the trip is forbidden.

4. It is not permitted to smoke in the vehicles. 



1. Tukano Trips works interfacing the Costumer with the Driver or partner which executes the service, so that Tukano Trips’ liability is strictly limited to damages that have been caused by using Tukano Trips Platform, responsibility for which is transferred to the Insurance Company.

2. Tukano Trips is not liable for any other damages, in particular, but without limitation:

a. Special, incidental, punitive or direct or indirect damages;

b. Lost profit of any nature, loss of data, as well as material damages;

c. Event of death or injury of Passengers or third parties;

d. Any car accident occurred during the trip and eventual consequences.

3. Any claim for indemnity for any damage not attributable to Tukano Trips in accordance with the above paragraphs shall be addressed to the Partner or to the Driver which is identified in the Voucher or in the proof of the reservation change.



1. The User is not entitled to any reimbursement if the service is canceled 48 hours or more before the scheduled departure date.

2. The User is entitled to the following compensation calculated in relation to the price actually paid to Tukano Trips for the delayed or cancelled service, or in case of no shows:

a. Cancellation:

i. Within 48 hours and up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure date: 10%;

ii. Within 24 hours and up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure date: 25%;

iii. Less than 12 hours before the scheduled departure date: 50%.

b. Delays:

i. Up to 30 minutes delay – no compensation;

ii. Delay of 30 minutes or more: 10%;

iii. A delay for more than 60 minutes: 30%.

c. No Shows:

i. If the driver fails to show up within 90 minutes after the scheduled departure date –The value of an alternative transport will be assured by Tukano Trips up to 100% of the initial purchase price, only by invoice in name of Iguana Tours, Lda., NIF number 514 046 260;

ii. Where no such invoice is presented, the compensation will be 50% of the initial purchase price.

3.  The Costumer must claim any reimbursement he/she is entitled to within a maximum of 5 days after the date of the service exposing the specific circumstances and gathering evidence of the facts that have happened via email trips@tukanotrips.com;

4. The right to reimbursement is subject to the evaluation of Tukano Trips.

5. The Costumer authorizes the payment of the refund to the credit card used to purchase the transfer service.

6. Neither Tukano Trips, nor the Partner, nor the Driver are liable for delays at the final destination, so that it is the Customers responsibility to request the service ahead of time taking into account any delay due to unforeseen circumstances, such as road accidents or road works.

7. Neither Tukano Trips, nor the Partner, nor the Driver are liable for missed connections due to delays at the final destination when the transfer service ends at a transportation connection point (for example, an airport, a train station, a port, etc.).



1. The resolution of any dispute in relation to the contract concluded by virtue of these terms and conditions shall be solved within the jurisdiction of the Judicial Court of the Porto District (Portugal).

2. The parties may refer the dispute to the Consumer Arbitration Court of Porto located at Rua de Damião de Góis, n. 31, loja 6, 4050-225 Porto.



1. The present terms and conditions are valid from August 10, 2023.

2. The applicable terms and conditions to the transfer service will be always those in force on the date of conclusion of the contract.



For all special or missing situations, the Portuguese legislation is applicable.